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Jana Knauerova


Jana Knauerova



Do not hate homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, ect
But do not hate heterosexuals.

Do not hate trans*gender, agender, non-binary people
But do not hate cissexuals.

Do not hate people of color
But do not hate white people.

Do not hate women
But do not hate men.

Do not hate Christians
But do not hate atheists.

Hatred only breeds more hatred. Is it that hard to understand?

This needs more attention than it’s gotten.

Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work.


Marianne Wilson

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Miss the seafoam ;3;

Miss the seafoam ;3;

Had forgotten how much fun it is to be random at tumblr.

I’m still mourning my very brief and limited contact with the sea and how I wanted to have enjoyed it more :c 


I miss Oregon… 


I miss Oregon… 






While some artists are hard at work perfecting depictions of hyperrealism and photorealism, Austin, Texas-based artist Shawn Smith uses composite wood, ink and paint to painstakingly create an awesome series of modular sculptures that appear pixelated. Smith calls his animals and objects Re-Things.

"My work investigates the slippery intersection between the digital world and reality. Specifically, I am interested in how we experience nature through technology. When we see images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, we feel that we are seeing nature but we are really only seeing patterns of pixelated light."

Instead of using real animals as subjects, Smith bases his pixelated creations on digital images found online, creating three-dimensional representations of two-dimensional images.

"I build my "Re-things" pixel by pixel to understand how each pixel plays a crucial role in the identity of an object. Through the process of pixelation, color is distilled, some bits of information are lost, and the form is abstracted. Making the intangible tangible, I view my building process as an experiment in alchemy, using man-made composite and recycled materials to represent natural forms."

Click here to view more of Shawn Smith’s fascinating Re-Things.

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